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Why Go Green?

Being environmentally-friendly is very important to us here at Office Solutions, as mentioned on our      K-Cup recycling page. Besides the primary motivation to go green - respecting the planet and preserving resources, we believe there are many secondary benefits as well! Here are a few reasons to go green.*
  • It saves money: reducing waste and recycling makes both environmental and economic sense. You can decrease expenses simply by actively monitoring measurables such as energy, water, and packaging use.
  • It helps you comply with the law: some waste disposal and recycling is regulated under state or federal laws. If your reductions are significant enough, you may be able to avoid costly permits.
  • It attracts new business: Increasingly, customers are interested in--and even demand--companies that are environmentally conscious.
  • It's the right thing to do: introducing a greener company culture helps to make your workplace and community a safer and healthier place.