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Promote a Hands-Free Restroom


Bathrooms are extremely dirty and you end up leaving feeling dirtier than you did coming in. The solution to this problem is making the bathroom hands-free! With new sensory recognition technology, using the bathroom is a breeze and you hardly have to touch any surface. Sensory technology has been implemented in products from paper towel dispensers to touch-less toilet and urinal flushers. The sensory products eliminate the need to touch nearly every surface in [...]

Promote a Hands-Free Restroom2019-09-30T09:36:56-07:00

Stop the Spread of Germs


With the flu and allergies always going around it is tough to stay healthy. No matter where you go or how clean you are, there will always be germs. By practicing proper hygiene and overall good health habits, you can help minimize the spread of germs. Small but simple steps go a long way. Some good habits to form include: Avoiding close contact Staying at home when you are sick Covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze Washing [...]

Stop the Spread of Germs2019-09-30T09:39:02-07:00
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